Posted by: cfigueira | April 19, 2010

Bond Markets Make A Move, But Not A Definitive One

Posted To: MBS Commentary

MBS close down 10 ticks at 100-07 10yr Tsy yield up to 3.801 Yield curve at that familiar 282bps level S&P up about 5 points to 1198, right in line with their sub 1200 technicals Unfortunately, any time the MBS market peels off 10 ticks, we’re going to see reprices for the worse. Today was no exception, but the actual message being sent by trading today is a lot less black and white. All that’s needed is a slightly longer-term viewpoint in order to see today’s moves as well within the tolerances of recent trends, leaving us continually waiting for a definitive move. Let’s actually start with stocks today as I think they tell the best story. What You’re Looking At In This Chart Here’s about 2/3rds of a month’s look back at stocks. We can see stocks fall on theā€¦(read more)

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