Posted by: cfigueira | April 17, 2010

Rates Take Next Step in Relief Rally. Identifying the Right Spot to Lock Your Loans

Posted To: MBS Commentary

FN 4.5’s up 11 ticks at (speak of the Devil) 100-16 Current Coupon yields spreads wider 10yr notes down almost 6bps at 3.767 S&P ticked below it’s opening level from Monday, erasing 4 days of gains in one session. for stocks, it’s the biggest loser since 2/4/10 Beginning to look a lot like locking You’ll notice that AQ and I tend to ramp up our fervor with respect to locking your loans around market peaks. We could ponder why that is, but more importantly, we’ve been ramping up the lock discourse recently and this afternoon, we see the highest risks of short term retracement in a while. The market CAN continue to rally from here, but doing so would mean breaking through some very tough hurdles for MBS, namely 100-16. So the decision you’re faced with is whether or…(read more)

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